At Hallmark International our team of specialist financiers are experts in structuring deals to client requirements. While many applications to conventional banks are unsuccessful, we make the impossible possible. We invite applications for finance from subscribed clients and members willing to meet our minimum entry and application requirements as details herein below.


Private jets, mega yachts, art, precious stones & luxury properties and portfolios worldwide

Property projects worldwide that meet the requirements of our financing team

Bridging finance against sale of assets, deceased estates, pension fund pay-outs and similar in jurisdictions where this is allowed

Trade finance in the form of Stand By & Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees and similar. Contact us for a personal consultation

Application for personal loan funding up to USD $5000,000

We underwrite bank debts and securitized loan applications from banks, credit unions & micro lenders across Africa

We are able to facilitate the raising of corporate finance to USD $25 Billion through issuing and trading in corporate bonds registered on the global exchanges including NASDAQ, NEX, &other listed exchanged worldwide.

Any applicant seeking to apply for financing of any of the above or similar, will have to provide the following:

Financing Guarantee

We charge a refundable on success mobilization fee of USD $250,000 per application, non-negotiable.

Client Deposits

We require a minimum of 10% of the loan value on cash deposit to be used as leverage which has to be deposited into a Bank Account we will provide, where the cash is 100% capital guaranteed.

Project / Asset Provenance

We require comprehensive information of the asset / project to be financed; all DD is done at client cost.

POF / Repayment Capability

Clients will be required to provide evidence of their capability to repay al loans even those that they may take from us where we guarantee a portion of the repayment when participating in one of our Rental / Charter Guarantee schemes with the asset or property.