International Laws abound the global markets, and one of our many tasks is to ensure that our clients are not only compliant, but abide by these Laws so imposed. Hallmark International advises and supports our Clients by managing their portfolio requirements to mitigate and not to evade their tax compliance by assisting them to plan to mitigate their tax exposure, lowering estate duties while providing first class international banking, investment, medical & pension facilities. We also provide cost effective support services on a bespoke structure to meet all personal client requirements via our Private Client Concierge Portal. At Hallmark International we believe that it is our fiduciary responsibility to protect our clients and their assets to the maximum the Law allows and by so doing ensuring ongoing compliance with the Laws pertinent to Anti Money Laundering, Tax Evasion and the myriad of legal and regulatory requirements that our clients as Global Citizens need to comply with.

It is imperative to note that while our services are global and focused on mitigating tax, estate duty, enhancing investment opportunities and building cash portfolios by making loans and advances available to our clients, we DO NOT tolerate nor support clients who engage in:

  • Organ, Sex Trade or Human Trafficking, Money Laundering of criminal proceeds and movement of illicit cash
  • Drug and Narcotic smuggling, which includes any illegal smuggling operation
  • Terrorism and organised Criminal Syndicate activities or rebel government authorities
  • Arms Dealing and / or Private Military activities, or parties engaging in Tax Evasion and Vat Fraud activities

Our legal compliance is managed strictly in accordance with International Standards and any prospective client of the company authorizes their applications be verified using World Check, Thompson Reuters Sanctions Lists, Interpol and Dunn & Bradstreet prior to acceptance. Applicants agree to to pay the cost of the due diligence, which is including in the initial subscription fees. CLICK HERE for terms and conditions.