As a global corporation we have access to some significant investment opportunities that we recommend to our subscribed clientele to generate or enhance their current revenues and income. Whether choosing a pro-active or conservative investment strategy, and by direct or indirect participation, we have several trade programs available to any subscribed client to participate in. Clients wishing to participate will have to establish sub accounts in our Broker Dealer Client portal and on registration, credit their accounts accordingly:


Invest from *USD $250,000 and earn 5% per month on a profit share basis against your capital

Invest from *USD $25,000 and earn as you learn when you trade using our bespoke platform

Invest from *USD $250,000 and earn 5% per month on a profit share basis against your capital

Invest from *USD $250,000 and earn 5 times your invested capital over 30 days in our managed HNW securities trading structure.

This opportunity is only available to HNW applicants in selected jurisdictions. US, India & SA Citizens are not allowed to participate in these trades. We apologise for any inconvenience

We offer a limited and strictly by invitation only access to very high return Trading Programs involving Regulated Transacting in the Global Bond Markets. Prospective participants are required to have from USD $250 Million in cash to invest.

Kindly note : that this opportunity is not available to the general public and is strictly for UHNWI’s only. For further information kindly email us with a telephone number and time that our Sales Traders can respond in which we request that you kindly providing comprehensive personal and corporate details, CIS and Passport.

Trading entails an element of risk of loss and Hallmark International, Consolidated Global
Management Plc. and all partners / associates and affiliates hold
nor bear any responsibility to any investor who may wish to participate

*Denotes trading scenarios where the physical cash has to move to our account!